Dr. Daniel Pipes on the Moroccan Israeli Relations


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Yasser Harrak: How does Moroccan-Israeli normalization benefit the Moroccan people?

Daniel Pipes: Moroccans benefit by having one less enemy, by a defence agreement with a powerful ally, by taking a step toward religious tolerance, and by winning new support in the West.

Yasser Harrak: Can this normalization of diplomatic relations strengthen the Moroccan claims for territorial integrity against the Algerian blacked Sahrawi separatists?

Daniel Pipes: Clearly, yes, as the agreement with Israel also brought U.S. recognition of Moroccan claims to the area
formerly known as the Western Sahara.

Yasser Harrak:  There are rumours that Iran is training the Sahrawi separatists in Algeria to use the Hezbollah tactics. If so is true, can Morocco have the upper hand over its borders with Israeli support?

Daniel Pipes: We do not know all the details about the Morocco-Israel defence agreement but it does include intelligence sharing could well include assistance of this sort.

Yasser Harrak: How do Iran and Algeria use the question of Palestine to deceive the Muslim world?
 Daniel Pipes: Governments such as those in Iran and Algeria find the Palestinian issue useful to inflame emotions and distract their own populations from the problems at home.




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