The Controversy of Trudeau's Statement on Death of Fidel Castro



By Yasser Harrak

The hyperbole of accusing Trudeau of supporting dictatorships made big news. Things making big news are not necessarily big. Trudeau's statement about the death of Fidel Castro is nothing but a good gesture for a better Canadian-Cuban relations and to engage the Cuban regime and encourage reform in Cuba. 

Diplomacy is a set of skills in managing international relations. When a state has a particular interest in an other state, things like offering condolences for the departure of important politicians are part of the protocol. In 2015, Barack Obama offered condolences on death of Saudi King Abdullah, a leading financier of transnational terrorism. No one was talking about the act as a sign that Obama supports dictatorships, or terrorism for that matter. 

Trudeau's statement was endorsed by Quebec premier Philippe Couillard who described it as balanced. Both men know the interest Canada and Quebec have in Cuba and both acted in the proper diplomatic way to protect it.

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